Annual Gift Certificate Special by Casey Warner

Our Annual Gift Certificate Special is going on through December 23rd. This Special only happens once a year, so take advantage of it if you can. Purchase 3 or more 60min or 90min services with your Massage Therapist or Esthetician and receive $10 off each service. The office will be open on Saturday the 16th and Saturday the 23rd from 10am - 4pm for anyone to stop in or call ahead and we'll have it waiting for you to pick up. This offer cannot be combined between providers.

Giving Thanks by Casey Warner

As the Holiday Season nears I want to say how thankful I am that Casey, Jennifer and Lindsey have come into my life this year. It's a wonderful feeling to truly enjoy your work and those that you work with. I would also like to say how thankful I am for all of the wonderful people I get to meet at Drift. From the homebound elderly client, whom I have to make special trips to see, to the local-yocal that makes the Athens area a thriving community, to the unexpected professional athlete in town for a short visit,  they are all special blessings. 

Casey's maternity leave by Casey Warner


Hello everyone!  I wanted to let you know, I will be taking maternity leave November 5th- January 7th.  I'm so thankful to be able to bring another life into this world and to have such an amazing career with the BEST clients.  I will miss you all but Jennifer, Claire and Lindsey will be here to take care of all of you.  I will be spending my time deepening my connection to all the beauty in my life and will be back next year with a new, revived energy that I can't wait to share.  I am pursuing my Usui Reiki Master training and look forward to offering more energy work services soon. I am also looking into more advanced facial peels for my clients looking for deeper exfoliations.  I won't be able to work evenings like I had in the past but I will be working every other Sunday in order to accommodate clients that can't come during the week days.  Thank you all for your support.



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Making Self Care a Priority by Casey Warner

Self Care is figuring out what you need in the moment and giving that to yourself for the overall betterment of your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health and well-being.  At first making it a priority might be difficult, but taking small steps to incorporate self care into your routine can reduce stress levels but also validate and honor your own worth as well as enhance your confidence and self esteem.  Carving out time to rest, engaging in a favorite hobby, meditating, or getting a massage or facial are just a few ways to get started with making self care a priority.

In case you need reminding............YES! You deserve to take care of yourself!

Waxing Athens GA by Casey Warner

We take pride in our waxing services and provide a relaxing alternative to the typical wax.  Taking the time to consult with our clients on desired results, we help you achieve your ideal brow wax.  Facial and body waxing can help so much with self esteem.  No one likes to worry about unwanted hair and especially the ones you can's see yourself unless you are in your car with no tweezers!!!  We can help.  Schedule a brow wax, lip wax, leg wax and much more with casey or Lindsey.  We also offer brow and lash tinting.

New Massage Therapist by Casey Warner

We are happy to welcome Claire Stripling to our team.  We have really needed another therapist and took our time finding the right fit.  Claire has enjoyed working in the massage and bodywork field since 1998. She has a variety of experience ranging from soft tissue injury to chronic illness and specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy and Fascial Stretch Therapy.  We are very excited to have her and yes, she will be working weekends!!!  

Massage Therapy Athens GA, Deep Tissue Massage Athens GA, Massage Watkinsville GA, Facials Athens GA, Cupping Athens GA

Massage Therapy Athens GA, Deep Tissue Massage Athens GA, Massage Watkinsville GA, Facials Athens GA, Cupping Athens GA

Prevent and Reverse Sun Damage — Drift Wellness Studio by Casey Warner

About 80 percent of the average person's lifetime sun exposure occurs during daily activities. Age spots are more likely on the left side of the body (face, hands, arms and knees) due to sun exposure will driving.

When you soak up the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, it speeds up the aging of your skin and raises your risk of skin cancer.



To prevent damage, use a "broad spectrum" sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher. "Broad spectrum" must block both UVA and UVB rays.

UVA=Aging, UVB=Burning


The Cosmetic Industry has helping make it easier to protect skin by adding protection into makeups, primers, moisturizers and even bug sprays.

By choosing products that contain sunscreen that would normally use daily, sun damage is even easier to prevent.


As much as we try to prevent sun damage, there are ways to help reduce and reverse damaged skin.

As a rule of thumb, you should have a facial atleast 4 times a year. Proper skin care can reduce fine lines, age spots and reduce pre-mature aging. Microdermabrasion can do wonders to instantly smooth the texture of skin. With multiple sessions, microdermabrasion can help reverse damage caused by the sun.

To maximize results, a monthly facial by a professional will help maintain healthy skin.

Astara Marine Peel by Casey Warner

We are very excited about our new organic, peel coming in the next couple of weeks! Powerful exfoliation coupled with profound nourishment, the Gentle Marine Peel features a synergistic blend of AHAs and marine extracts to exfoliate and purify the skin. A soothing cocktail of botanical actives improves skin function and stimulates moisture retention, promoting instant rejuvenation without irritation.  This peel is designed for all skin types and conditions.  It's a 1.9ph so you will feel it but it's still gentle enough for sensitive skin.  Astara skin care is a fantastic, organic skincare line that I highly recommend.  Check them out online,




Microderm and Blueberry Peel by Casey Warner

Many of my clients have been coming to me for a long time and want to kick up the exfoliation process.  I have fallen in love with the Microderm/ Blueberry peel combination.  I wouldn't recommend it for a first timer or someone who has never had microdermabrasion but if your skin is experienced, this service will do wonders.  The diamond tip microdermabrasion will manually rid your skin of any dead skin cells that have built up.  Dead cells make the skin appear dull, flaky and stagnant.  Then I'll add an organic blueberry and lactic acid peel that will wake up and tighten the skin.  The deep clean is great for acne and the stimulation will lift and tighten aging skin.  You will be a bit pink for about 30 minutes after treatment and will need to avoid the sun for the rest of the day.  Sunscreen will be very important, especially for the next few day.  I highly recommend this facial.  Call or email for more info...or book online by selecting the Blueberry Facial and add on Microderm.  


A series of 3, 2 weeks apart is recommended for dramatic results


Casey Warner

A morning wellness ritual for healthy elimination! by Casey Warner

My Early Morning Potion for Motion (if ya know what I mean ;-) 
Healthy Start by Teddy Noel


3/4 cup warm water
Juice of 1 lemon wedge
1tsp of organic, NON-GMO Turmeric
1/2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
a dash of cinnamon, a dash of ginger
and 1 tablespoon of local honey
(adjust all measurements to taste) 
Mix all the above ingredients together

Drink this first thing in AM, wait 30 minutes before eating and drinking (water is fine) This will keep your immune system strong, help prevent allergies, activate and nurture your digestive system, fight inflammation and it is delicious! 

Spring is springing and so is the heat! by Casey Warner

Northern Georgia spring weather is like a roller-coaster!

It's A/C by day and heat by night and if you are like me you forget to make the switch and wake up to shivering children and immediately crank up the thermostat.  By 5 pm you realize you are sweating and return to the thermostat to crank it down to a liveable temperature! If you are from Georgia then you know what true Georgia summers are like and it is best to be prepared for high heat!

The following infographic will help you identify the symptoms of more serious heat conditions. 

At Drift we truly believe in a Holistic approach to health.   Lifestyle, diet and spiritual health are all part of the bigger picture! Massage can help encourage proper elimination, which includes sweating.  Our bodies must sweat in order to detox and keep our body temperature at an ideal degree.

 So stay active, practice healthy self-care, stay hydrated and stay happy! 

Drift Welcomes a new esthetician, Lindsey, to our team by Casey Warner

We are so happy to announce the addition of Lindsey to our team.  She is a graduate of Athens Technical College and is passionate about bringing new energy to Drift.  She is going to be adding more waxing services to the menu as well as various new add ons to the facial services.  Evening appointments will be available for all you hard working clients!!!  She starts this week and will be adding days until she is full-time in November.  Lindsey looks forward to meeting all of you.



Renovations and additions at Drift by Casey Warner

We are so excited about the many changes at Drift.  We Renovated our space and now have 3 treatment rooms instead of 2.  This is allowing us to bring in new therapists so we can finally have more availability!  Rebecca Billings is joining us in January and she is a fantastic person.  I met her as a client 4  years ago and then we worked together as artistic collaborators.  Now I get to work with her professionally and I am so excited.  She has been a local therapist here for many years and she will be a great addition to our team.  Rebecca will only be working Fridays and Saturdays so make sure you get in and get a much needed massage.  We will be adding one more full time therapist to our team.  I am not rushing this process because we want the perfect person.  I have a someone in mind and I'm in the process of "wooing" her right now!  If she joins us, we will be so very lucky.  I'll keep you up to date.





New skin care line by Casey Warner

I am so happy to announce that I will be offering a new skincare line here at Drift. .."Ester".  The best part about it, is that it's my products.  I have been working on a natural and highly effective line that would be very versatile. Our skin changes throughout the day, month and year due to climate, environment, hormones and aging.  Ester is formulated to balance and nourish all skin types all the time.

My products are infused with the highest quality, natural ingredients available. They are specifically formulated to be perfect for all skin types 100% of the time. These products are versatile and will evolve with your ever changing skin, ensuring dramatic and lasting results.  Ester is 100% Natural and Organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Vegan, Cruelty free, Sulfate free, Paraben free and packaged in dark, glass bottles to keep the active ingredients potent and keep harmful chemicals from plastic out. 

The line will be launching March 21st ( my birthday)  but will be available at Drift a few weeks before.

I have been working on this project for a long time and I can't wait to share these beautiful products with all of you.  

I will still be offering PHYT's facials but will be highlighting a new "Ester" Facial.  Creating my own products gives me much more control and I'm able to truly customize to every client.  



Casey  Brown



Go to bed by Casey Warner

Here I am at 11pm writing a blog about sleep.  I will be fast asleep within 20 minutes of writing this, but I wanted to share some info before I head off.  A lot of important things happen while we sleep.  I know it's hard to put the books down or cut yourself off of a long binge of Netflix,  but the effects are definitely worth the sacrifice.   Most of us live in such a stressed state. Easy access to computers and mobile devices makes "quiting time" near impossible.  Our brains never rest...well unless you meditate.  I manage about 5-10 minutes a day. Thats not nearly enough.  We need a good night rest more than ever.  I never get less than 7 hours.  Unless I have wild night out.  Which happens about 2x a year :)  Having a 5 year old slows things down...and I like that. 

Check out this article.  It might motivate you to be less motivated and GO TO BED

Oh! Don't worry ...I can help.  Try our Deep Sleep Massage .  It's amazing



Casey Brown

Bikram Yoga by Casey Warner

I've done yoga on and off for years. Mostly home practice or before/after exercise but recently I've started going to the Bikram studio here in Athens.  I cannot begin to tell you the improvements I have felt in my body.  Massage is a very rewarding but strenuous job and we must take great care of our bodies.  I get regular exercise, massage and eat well.  Bikram was a new step in my personal wellness.  I highly recommend trying it. Especially if you have chronic pain issues.  The poses are simple and always the same.  The room is's hot!  You will sweat but it's worth the discomfort in the end.  The heat allows for better mobility in the joints and ligaments.   The peace and clarity I experience after has amazed me. Read more about it and give it a shot.


click here for more info



Casey Brown

Verdae Peppermint Sugar Scrub by Casey Warner

Happy Holidays!

We have added a wonderful peppermint scrub, made by Suzanne @ Verdae Skin Therapy, to selected services this season.

The peppermint scrub has many benefits...

*Exfoliating during the winter is important since our skin gets dry quicker from the cold weather. The exfoliation removes the dry, dead skin uncovering the new softer skin.

*The ultra moisturizing shea butter in the scrub immediately provides a nourishing protective layer to the new skin, shielding it from the dry cold air.

*The light peppermint scent is the perfect amount of aromatherapy. Invigorating just enough to get the day going, but mild enough that relaxation continues.

*Lastly, but certainly not least, Verdae uses local, eco-friendly ingredients which supports our community. They also donate a portion of their sales to local outreach agencies.


Getting a Peppermint Sugar Scrub Package would be a perfect last minute gift for anyone, including yourself!


Best Wishes for the Season,


Japanese Restorative Therapy by Casey Warner

We are offering a new service! JRT (Japanese Restorative Therapy) has been used for more than 5000 years with origins in Jujitsu schools.  Its a full body treatment used to balance the systems of the body and to release damaged soft tissues.  The deep, rocking motions and use of the crux of the elbow give JRT a distinctive feel.  We will be offering this massage as a 60 min stand alone or 75 min with various stretches. 


Check out his article to learn more and book online to try it out for yourself.




Casey Brown

Winter Skin by Casey Warner

WInter time is great for cuddling up by the fire and spending time indoors with the ones you love, but it is also a time of distress for those with dry, winter skin.  During these cold months switch to a cream cleanser, avoid hot water, stay hydrated, keep a humidifier running while you're indoors, don't forget the sunscreen and above all moisturize!!  


Check out this article for more helpful tips

Winter Skin