Aromatherapy / by Casey Warner

Ive always had a passion for aromatherapy. As a teen, I experimented with oil blends and my fair share of patchouli. My teacher in massage school was a highly skilled aromatherapist from England and she taught us in depth blending techniques beyond what is typically taught. Ive been working with essential oils for my skincare products for years now but have recently dove into the therapeutic benefits for the mind and spirit. I enjoy doing energy work and the aromatherapy works in harmony with that type of healing. Using specific essential oils during my reiki and massage treatments allows me to enhance the relaxation and bring a deeper healing to my clients. I’m now offering customized aromatherapy blends. We can schedule an online consultation and I will create a blend specifically for your issues and goals.  I will send you home with a 1oz oil blend to use on yourself or to bring in to be used during massages or facials.  Are you stressed? Can’t sleep? Dealing with grief? Bad breakup? Insecurity issues? Need help studying? Depression? Nervous energy? Aromatherapy can help with all of this. Contact us today and we can get started.