Yearly Skin Inspection / by Casey Warner

I truly felt that I had made a connection with a client, we just clicked. When she no longer showed up for regular facials,  I asked myself what did I do wrong? It feels strange on a professional side to inquire about why she was no longer coming in.

Over one year later, she walks in with an ear to ear smile and a slight tear in her eye.

She explained that when I expressed numerous times to please, please go see a Dermatologist about a spot on her face that I was concerned about, she began to worry.

She took my advice, went to the Dermatologist and they confirmed my suspicion. It was indeed, melanoma.

Her situation was dire. Immediate removal and Mohs surgery was required.  6 stitches the first test removal and over 25 internal stitches during Mohs.

Let's just say there was a lot of tears, hugs and long conversations about how much I missed her and her smile.

Knowing that I truly made an impact on someone's life is a life changing moment for both of us.

So on this note, please take the time to get a yearly full body check at a Dermatologist. 

Best wishes for the New Year and Health!

Lindsey Rift