Daily Meditation / by Casey Warner

A couple years ago, my best friend of 15 years was going through a difficult time. She was stressed, very negative and suffering with terrible knee pain that left her in such a state of mind, she had become unrecognizable to me. This girl was always my guru and I was shocked when I went for my yearly visit and saw her like this. A few months later she called sounding so refreshed. She started acupuncture and daily meditation on some phone app. She changed some big things in her career and transformed her over stressed lifestyle. She started painting more than ever and showing at big galleries in NYC. The knee pain was gone and she was better than ever. She told me about daily mediation and how much it helped but I’v never enjoyed meditating. I’m a go go go kind of gal but after going trough my own issues with postpartum depression and anxiety I decided ok fine, I’ll try the app she told me about. Its called “calm”. They have a free 7 day trail. I’m on day 5 and WOW. I never thought it would do do much for me. It’s REALLY hard for me to sit and do nothing for 10 minutes, especially with a 1 year old running about but I did it and I’m never going back. I think this is what I’ve been needing for a long time. You can choose different goals to work on. SO for any of you out there in need of change. Try it! You never know unless you do.