Japanese Zen Facial Massage / by Kim Kirby

I just finished a Japanese Zen Facial massage class by Wolfgang Luckman.  We learned a holistic approach to treating the skin..from the inside...out, starting with our "life force" or "Qi".  This services begins at the feet and works upward. Balancing Qi and clearing out meridians is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  By combining these acupressure techniques with specific essential oils we can bring the body, spirit, mind into the present moment and away from worry, grief, stress, fear and anger....which can cause premature aging and break outs. Using Japanese massage strokes we can reduce fine lines, clear up blemishes, and tighten skin. You can enjoy this 30 min service on it's own or combine it with a PHYT's facial for a 75 min session. Which ever you choose..you will leave feeling balanced and beautiful!



Casey Brown