Massage for the Elderly / by Kim Kirby

As we have an increasingly larger elderly population and people living longer, it is important to not overlook care for ourselves and our loved ones.  Pain management for the elderly is usually treated with pharmaceuticals.  As an alternative or complementary treatment for seniors, massage is a great way to manage pain, but there are also many more benefits associated with massage and the elderly population:

  • According to the Touch Research Institute, elderly massage is very useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. It has shown to facilitate relaxation and communication.
  • It can greatly assist in arthritic pain management.
  • Massage for elderly citizens helps to increase their range of motion.
  • Also promotes natural joint lubrication, which is extremely important for arthritis sufferers.
  • Helps to increase strength and muscle coordination.
  • Boosts natural energy levels and mental awareness.
  • Can also greatly improve posture by reducing muscle tension. This has the added benefit of assisting seniors with a higher quality of rest, and helps them to sleep deeper and longer which can have a significant effect on their general health and well- being.
  • Can also have a profound calming effect which in turn helps them to deal with medical interventions they may need to experience in dealing with various conditions.

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