Facials in Athens / by Casey Warner

We love skincare! Drift provides a variety of facials and skincare services in Athens GA. Lindsey and Casey our licensed Estheticians are passionate about helping our clients reach their skincare goals. Aging, acne and other common issues can bring down our confidence. Regular facials about 4-6 weeks apart can make a huge difference when combating skin problems. Within 3-4 facials you should see a drastic difference. If your skin is normal and you still want to combat aging coming in 3 times a year for a deep exfoliation and extractions will make a big difference through the years. If you are on a budget and need all the help you can get, a mini saving face facial or microdermabrasion session will give you some bang for the $$. We have lots of options and always willing to discuss and customize for your needs and budget.  Professional chemical peels and microdermabrasion remove dead skin that cause the skin to hold bacteria, appear aged and dull. Regular exfoliation renews the skin and brings back a healthy glow.  Contact us or book an appointment! We look forward to helping you