New Local Art / by Casey Warner

In an effort to support our wonderful community, Drift Wellness has featured works of local artists for over a year. The latest installment is now up for viewing and we couldn't be more excited!

We are so very honored to have local artist Nate Carlson grace our studio walls with his amazing artwork! The pieces we chose bring even more inspiration into our tranquil space.  Nate's impressive bio and website are below. We hope you enjoy his artwork as much as we do when you come in for your next massage and/or facial appointment!


Nate Carlson was born and raised in Athens, Georgia, and received his BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Georgia (2013). His work captures the transitional nature of the Southern landscape. Frenetic mark-making and veiled narrative encapsulate the tension of a region whose identity is steeped in conflicting themes of oppression and resistance, tradition and innovation, small town ideals and booming metropolitan growth.

Nate will have work on display in the upcoming 43rd Annual Juried Exhibition at the Lyndon House. He has recently shown in the Valdosta National and the Decatur Arts Festival, where he sold a painting to the City of Decatur. Nate currently lives and works in Athens, Georgia.