Rieki in athens GA / by Casey Warner

We offer Reiki in Athens GA. I remember my first experience with Reiki.  I read about it in a book when I was a teen and couldn't wait to try it out.  I went to visit my grandfather in the nursing home and somehow convinced my mom and sisters to join me in trying this strange energy work out on my grandpa who was suffering with dementia.  We kind of giggled and gave it our best.  Focussed our energy, our hands hovering above him.  A warm, tingling energy came over us and before you know it, My Pop sprung to life and asked for a cigarette.  It scared us all to death!  I was sold.  I went to massage school when I was 25 and studied Reiki under a fantastic British woman.  I went and had my first professional treatment form her. She surrounded me with crystals, put crystals in my hands, asked me some questions and next thing you know, I was sound asleep. She was very nice and sent me on my way without much info on what had happened or what it meant.  I wondered if it worked at all.  I noticed a difference though.  My anxiety was better and I felt more confidence for about a week.

 I went on to get my Reiki I and II certification form a eccentric woman in Charlotte NC.  She ran a Bed and Breakfast and was a dog breeder.  A litter of puppies was born, while I was there. She was fantastic and I felt an energy I had never experienced.  She attuned us to a vibration that allows us to receive and transfer the healing energy easier.  3 days of Reiki Reiki Reiki.  I was really starting to connect with the idea but still feeling insecure in that "I" could do this.  Suddenly her husband rushed into the room, frantic, with a brand new, hour old, puppy who was lifeless and not breathing.  Teacher was calm, and continued the class while her hands were gently folded around the sagging pup.  I found this kinda weird and morbid but I'm not one to judge. After about an hour, she paused her lesson and opened her palms to reveal a weak but wiggling puppy.  We were all in shock.  She called her husband up, he walked in and began to cry.  We all jumped to attention then.  We wanted to learn!

After my certification, I tried Reiki on anyone who would let me.  I did distant Reiki on friends that lived in other states, any chance I could get,  but still I struggled knowing if I really felt anything substantial...if I was really doing anything.  During this time, I was single, raising a child, working 2 jobs, going back to school, opening a business.  I was stretched so thin, I didn't know who I was anymore. I was lost.  So I did something that I never really tried much before.  I did Reiki on myself.  It seemed to help but I still felt off, I needed proof, something visible.  I did a little research and found that many people use crystals and even pendulums to assist with Reiki.  I went on Amazon and ordered a well reviewed, Rose Quarts pendulum.  I began to work with the crystal and built a trusting communication with it.  Then I began balancing my chakras, one by one, every day.  I found patterns with my emotions and body pains and what the pendulum would tell me about my chakras.  I learned so much.  I eventually found my way back to myself.  I restored  peace, faced darkness and moved forward in ways I never imagined. My body healed. I began to share my practice with trusted clients and they seemed to really enjoy the feedback.  I always inform my clients on what I find and where they can research the info.  It is a very personal thing for each person.  Only they can really know what the result may mean to them.  I fell in love with Reiki.

Then my father got sick, with terminal cancer.  I did't know how to comfort this man, whom I loved so much.  This quiet, conservative man that was my closest male figure but also a stranger in some ways. I'm the baby of the family and didn't know my place in all of this.  I gave what I could.... Massages, lots of home cooked meals and swinging crystals over my heads head as often as possible.  At first he found it weird..but he was use to that with me.  Eventually he would ask me to do it.  "Make sure you bring your weird hippie crystals" he'd say.  We became the best of friends during that time and made some of the BEST memories of my life.  We still talk every day though it's been almost a year since he passed over.  I do most of the talking these days.  It helped him.. I'm not sure how or why but it did.  

Then the aftermath. the ones left behind, the care taker.  My mom.  3 years of care taking, doctor visit, chemo recovery,  praying, crying, hiding behind smiles.  After it was all said and done she was down to 90 lbs and developed crippling pain in her hip and back. She wouldn't stretch, she wouldn't got to the doctor, she wouldn't eat.  All she could do was complain about the pain. She was the pain.  I massaged her, stretched her, nagged at her, fed her, anything I could do. Finally I busted out my crystals and said "Just try it".   She thought it was ridiculous but agreed. I began reading her chakras and it made sense to me.  Her heart chakra was waaayyyy off and the Root was destroyed.  The Root chakra is at the base of the spine, known for causing low back pain.  The Root also holds the emotions around our foundation of life, our home and family.  Dad was our foundation... her everything for almost 50 years.  She was broken. I began to work, with her permission, every day. I would check and balance her chakras every morning when I got out of bed doing distance Reiki.  Mom was beyond belief.  She tried to explain it away but would call and ask me to do distance Reiki when she felt a twinge coming back.  She is pain free, eating well, traveling and making the best of every day.  I cannot take credit for her massive, endless strength but I know I helped and I am so very grateful I could in some way, give back to her.

Why does it work?  I really have no idea  How does it work? ummm....there are lots of books about it but honestly...no clue.

I know that I now have a gift for it and I love doing it.  I do it daily on myself and it SAVES me. 

Emotional pain causes Physical pain and Reiki can help.

www.chakraenergy.com is a great website to learn more

Thanks for reading


Reiki Athens GA

Reiki Athens GA