Nopalea wellness challenge / by Kim Kirby

I took the Nopalea wellness challenge 2 months ago after a wonderful client gave me a month supply as a gift.  She had been telling me about it for over a year, but I never took the leap on my own.  I took 6 oz a day for 30 days and within 2 weeks my shoulder and neck pain drastically improved and I definately had more energy. I now order it every month. I'm not a sales person as anyone who has ever met me knows, but I really love this product so I want to share.  If you have chronic pain you should  at least try it for a month.  It could be just what you need.  The company Trivita has lot of products.  I've only tried the Nopalea and the B-12,  so far I've been very impressed.  Click on the picture below to see all of their products.




Casey Warner Brown