We are adding another therapist, Jennifer Holihan-Collazo / by Kim Kirby

We are so thankful for our busy schedules and we decided to bring in another massage therapists for the weekends.  I know many of our clients have a hard time finding a opening so this will help a lot.  She is moving here form Alpharetta and I she is a perfect fit for Drift. Jennifer has been a massage therapist for almost 3 years, but graduated from ASHA, whose graduates are typically 5 years ahead of graduates from most 
other schools. She specializes in integrated massage which uses neuromuscular therapy, swedish and sports massage and myofascial release taylored to each client. As well, she is certified in prenatal massage and will soon be studying Reiki. Healing and educating clients about their bodies is her passion.  She will start the first weekend in July.  So go ahead and schedule online :)



Casey Warner Brown