Go to bed / by Casey Warner

Here I am at 11pm writing a blog about sleep.  I will be fast asleep within 20 minutes of writing this, but I wanted to share some info before I head off.  A lot of important things happen while we sleep.  I know it's hard to put the books down or cut yourself off of a long binge of Netflix,  but the effects are definitely worth the sacrifice.   Most of us live in such a stressed state. Easy access to computers and mobile devices makes "quiting time" near impossible.  Our brains never rest...well unless you meditate.  I manage about 5-10 minutes a day. Thats not nearly enough.  We need a good night rest more than ever.  I never get less than 7 hours.  Unless I have wild night out.  Which happens about 2x a year :)  Having a 5 year old slows things down...and I like that. 

Check out this article.  It might motivate you to be less motivated and GO TO BED

Oh! Don't worry ...I can help.  Try our Deep Sleep Massage .  It's amazing



Casey Brown